Your blessings count.

I’m thankful for...

SPringfield, MO . Mercy November 4, 2013. The 911 angels that came, the ER staff, the girl that said, Im not sure whats going on with you, but you,re not leaving my sight till we find out, then the ER doctor and his staff in Room 10. The OR staff, The Anesthesiologist. Im afraid to mention names afraid I would miss someone, the girl that gave our little grandsons stuffed animals to hang onto for Papa (a treasured idea) the nurse who was off work and leaving stopped to direct a group of stunned family to the right elevator to go to OR waiting and FOR DR BAILEY being DR BAILEY and being on call that night.
It was as far as we see Divine Intervention because as we keep hearing my husband, my kids dad and papa to 6 grandkids beat all the odds to still be here with us. Every one at Mercy that night had to be a perfect team player and they were. We will be eternally grateful. Aorta Aneurysm is a new word in our vocabulary.Thank you, Bless you and Merry Christmas.