Your blessings count.

I’m thankful for...

Mercy Hospital and the outstanding staff of the oncology floor; Heather, Hannah. These two nurses are good for the patient’s soul. Heather has a wonderful sense of humor, is very compassionate, caring and she made my husband laugh which is a blessing to me, his wife.

We were also blessed by Vickie Muir, his social worker. I cannot explain how well Vickie treated us, because we had no insurance, and she made us feel like we were in safe hands.

Last, but certainly not least, my husband’s radiology oncologist Dr. Lasley for his compassion and kindness.

Dr. Cole, his oncologist. She gave us hope when we had little. This experience while we were devastated by his diagnosis was what kept us believing he could live his life longer and for relieving some of his pain.

Mercy’s care team gave my grandchildren their “PaPa” back. They gave me my husband back. Most of all, they gave my husband HOPE.

May God bless each and everyone here at Mercy.

Melissa Barone, Brian Barone’s wife.

Melissa Barone