Your blessings count.

I’m thankful for...

For this amazing hospital and all the angels that work here. My daughter is on the 4th floor recovering from surgery. We have had the most amazing and compationate nurses and aides. Toni and Savanna are truly angels on earth. They have treated Mary as if she were there own child. The care we have been given is remarkable. I can’t thank Toni and Savanna enough for making us feel welcome, cared for, respected and safe. They both are knowledgeable, efficient, attentive, caring in their jobs and we have been blessed to have them in our lives these last couple of days. We also have been very impressed with Steve our Tech. He was always there when we needed help and willing to do anything to make Mary more comfortable. He is studying to be a nurse and I can attest that he will be awesome. Maggie our other tech always brightened our room with her smile and positive attitude. But it is not just these special people that are impressive. Everyone we have came in conntact with have been positive. The talented cooks in the cafeteria, the nice lady who takes the money, the people cleaning the halls everyone seems to take pride in their jobs and care for the patients. It is almost better than disney world. ; 0 ) We came from Louisville Ky for this surgery and I can tell you that this hospital is noticabley superior to any we have in our area. Thank you for the superior care and service

Todd Oetken