Your blessings count.

Mercy believes blessings are all around us, and wants to be a blessing to all those who come to us for care. We invite you to reflect on your own blessings and be encouraged by the blessings of others here…just click on a snowflake or use the link below.

Share your Blessings
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I’m thankful for...

God protecting our baby from what could have been a dangerous house fire.

I’m thankful for...

my precious toddler who’s filled with Christmas wonder and a new baby on the way!

I’m thankful for...

My family, Mike, Jackson & Nicole

Julie Beatty
I’m thankful for...

I am thankful for my three boys and my husband they take care of me and love me i couldn’t ask for a better family love you guys.

Shale a h
I’m thankful for...

Survived metastatic squamous cell cancer on my neck

Mercy affiliated Town and Country ENT (Boyd); Radiation Oncology (Frazier) and Medical Oncology (Hu) all had a hand in therapy.

Special thanks to Bong Shin for the stamina and exercises

Dr John Steuterman
I’m thankful for...

There are a lot of glass is half empty people in the world. I believe in looking at the glass as half full. There is always a happily ever after in Christ!

I’m thankful for...

My three beautiful children and my husband. Each day with them is a blessing.

Kris :)
I’m thankful for...

I can’t express my thankfulness. lance has saved my life he was sent to me from god .god bless you lance

john smiley
I’m thankful for...

Dr. Ann Peick, Dr. Alan Soffer, and Dr. Edward Ferguson (ER)…
Three exceptional doctors who saved my husband’s life!

Terri M
I’m thankful for...

My wonderful husband who helps me with so much and loves me all these years!

karen shay
I’m thankful for...

My new position leading a wonderful team of educators and support coworkers. Having the opportunity to work with Mercy Hospital Ardmore and Ada. My wonderful wife (Genie) and kids (Cavan + Avery), great health, supportive friends and family. Every day -Every blessing!

Troy Fuller
I’m thankful for...

Easter and Jesus conquering sin and death, warm weather, and the return of Cardinal baseball!

Miranda Joslin
I’m thankful for...

My wonderful family who are all beautiful in mind, body and spirit.

Glenda Gallagher
I’m thankful for...

Cherishing every moment and every person in my life, because you never know when it will be the last time you will see someone.

Melanie Witherspoon
I’m thankful for...

My wonderful family and friends who have stood beside me thru a very rough couple of years but have always been supportive and loving. Thankful for sunshine and rain for without both we wouldn’t have beautiful flowers and trees!!! Just grateful and blessed to be here and feeling healthy.

I’m thankful for...

for family, true friends that are like family to me, my job and just being able to wake up to see a new day.

I’m thankful for...

My wonderful husband and my healthy son who has been cancer free for almost 4 years!

I’m thankful for...

Christ, who died on the cross for me and you, my family, my job, good health, good friends.