Your blessings count.

I’m thankful for...

I am thankful for John on the 6th floor. My Mother was brought in with a stroke and John was the best nurse ever. He made my Mother smile and showed her the respect she deserves. He checked on her every chance he got and would also come in and set down and talked to her when she wanted to talk. John THANK YOU.
My Mother is now on the 4th floor after leaving 2 weeks ago we are back. I appreciate all the help I have received from RANDY as well. Randy has been very kind and caring through some issues Ive had with certain issues. The problems was taken care of and mom appreciates everything the 4th floor has done. Thank you all for all the help with her. It has been a tough road for us and there is a couple of the staff members that have tried to make it a little easier for me. Mainly THANKS TO RANDY AND TERRI. You guys are amazing

Cherree Edwards