Your blessings count.

I’m thankful for...

I’m most thankful for the fact that all my sins are forgiven through the sacrificial blood of the Perfect Lamb, the Son of the Living God, my personal Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. He took upon the sins of the whole world as He died upon that cross and has offered His FREE gift of eternity to all who repent and call upon His name. I believe God intervened when my breast cancer was found at such an early stage. It definitely had people talking at Mercy. Was it a miracle? Perhaps. In fact, my mammogram was, and perhaps is still being used in medical seminars for the early finding of DCIS in ‘dense breast tissue’. My understanding is that it’s very difficult for doctors to detect early stages of cancer in women with dense breast tissue. So what is the big deal? Well, my only treatment was a lumpectomy. I didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy. I’m thankful for the doctor at Mercy that detected my cancer. I’m thankful for all the staff, nurses, and my surgeon. I also praise the Lord that because of my cancer, perhaps other women will now be detected even earlier thereby saving them from the pain of radiation and chemotherapy.