Your blessings count.

Mercy believes blessings are all around us, and wants to be a blessing to all those who come to us for care. We invite you to reflect on your own blessings and be encouraged by the blessings of others here…just click on a snowflake or use the link below.

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I’m thankful for...

am thankful for mercy service and everything they are doing

I’m thankful for...

Dr. Fotouhe, all of the nurses and staff on the fourth floor of the Heart Hospital. My Mom had quadruple bypass and all of the care she has received has allowed us to share more time with her

Sharon T Heskitt
I’m thankful for...

The wonderful staff at Mercy Cancer Center in Festus, Mo!

I’m thankful for...

The amazing nursing staff that has cared for our dad over the past 10 days at the Heart Hospital. There are too many to name, but each has demonstrated compassion and care in every interaction. A few of those who have made a lasting impression are Carly, Courtney, Kevin, Anna, and Branna. The techs have been great partners along the way making an unbearable situation bearable. They have also partnered with our family to keep us all up to date.

Thank you Mercy for creating a culture that cares.

I’m thankful for...

On 02/04/2019 at 15:57 my baby girl was born in the process of Labor My baby girl got shoulders got stuck inside my fiancé plvis to the point the Doc had to set the Code alarm and stick her hands inside and turn my baby girl around to get her out we are thankful and blessed for Dr.April Parker training and knowledge On bring able to save our lil girl from something that could have been horrible and terrifying God thank you some much for Dr.Parker and her team.

whitfield montgonery
I’m thankful for...

The entire 4th floor staff at Mercy (St Anthony’s) who helped delivery this perfect soul into the world. And the care her and my daughter received. My daughter delivered my pericous granddaughter at 32 weeks and it was an emergency c-section. The nurses were all emotional supportive of her when the fear of the unknown arose.
They have a very long road of recovery ahead.
Thank you all for being amazing

I’m thankful for...

the gift of consecrated life..I am reminded that the Lord chose me to give my life to him for the salvation of all people to know and to believe that Jesus is rea. I could not imagine any way of living for him which is as meaningful and rewarding as being vowed to him forever. Each day I find time to be in his presence and to seek his wisdom in every decision and with all my relationships. I can’t wait to meet my Redeemer in heaven and to dance forever with him in eternity….his love is renewed in my heart everyday

Rachel Fleurant
I’m thankful for...

Gayle, from palliative care at Mercy Hospital, and the 3rd floor nursing staff arranged a pet visit for my mom. It meant the world to her!
Debbie Bonacquisti

I’m thankful for...

Little Paco who came to stay with me. I truly love him. He is a dog. We went on a walk on Christmas Day and it was wonderful. I felt very content and happy.

Lois Tegethoff
I’m thankful for...

I’m thankful for Tia and Tim who took me in the ambulance to the hospital. They were very kind and compassionate and I felt like I was wrapped in a soft blanket of love.

I’m thankful for...

The awesome and caring department I work with in MTS. They are smart, hard working and care about Mercy and each other.
It is a true blessing to be able to work with them every day!

I’m thankful for...

I am well enough to go home tomorrow!!

I’m thankful for...

Mercy Washington , that I can get care for my wife right here in town and not have to drive all over creation for necessary and competent services.

Curt D
I’m thankful for...

I am thankful for the 91 years my Mom was on this earth. She spent the last few days in Mercy Hospice. All were very kind and respectful to our needs: Very Grateful

I’m thankful for...

Mercy being here when we need them. God bless the doctors and nurses ❤️

Sandy Gaston
I’m thankful for...

My very first grandchild was born yesterday at 10:00 PM. At Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma. She is a very precious gift from God!! Praise be to God!

Sahle Gebremicael
I’m thankful for...

The Staff that worked the week of 10/19/18 to 10/29/18 on 3 N, Ada, Ok. I was treated for Sepsus, which saved my life. I met so many dedicated & caring people there & shared stories. Thanks so much being there. This is truly “God’s Country” !!!
Don Bridgman

Don Bridgman
I’m thankful for...

The care at Mercy. The nurses, doctors and support staff are attentive and wonderful.

I’m thankful for...

My wife getting good news about her treatment and prognosis after being admitted for treatment this weekend. God has blessed us.

I’m thankful for...

I was blessed to have my wonderful wife at my side this morninrng while I had a Biopsy/radiation on my lung. I sure wish this darn things would go away!