I’m thankful for...

my little man, Rolen, who makes me smile when I walk in the door.!

I’m thankful for...

I am extremely thankful, for God and Jesus, being #1, in my heart and life! My family and loved ones, are such a joy and blessing, in my dear life. Please allow, each and everyone to know, that “Jesus is the REASON, for the SEASON! God bless us, everyone…-AMEN

I’m thankful for...

family i have the best family in the world and if u dont have one im sure we have enough love for u

antonio marcano sr
I’m thankful for...

a nice home, a reliable vehicle, and steady employment

I’m thankful for...

My amazing wife and my beautiful three daughters

Rob Nicholson
I’m thankful for...

for my mother’s unconditional love and providing for me even into my adult years as a single parent. Without her I’d be nothing. Also, thankful for my wonderful boyfriend who has been by my side for four years can’t wait to see what the future will bring and my little brother though he is a hand ful I love him dearly.

I’m thankful for...

the many warm, wonderful Mercy Sisters I have known. Their warm, caring outlook on life and dedication to helping others has made the world a better place. They have enriched my life and the lives of so many others.

A Friend of Mercy
I’m thankful for...

just about everything right now.Thankful for God and all his gifts of faith, family, friends, health and wealth. Thankful that my Dad’s perseveres despite chronic pain; Thankful that a family member received great care even though the tx plan was to air lift him but couldn’t due to the weather; thankful for co-workers who are family to me.

I’m thankful for...

My family my friends and my pets

I’m thankful for...

Gastric Bypass Surgery… 8 years later and 200 lbs lighter!

Michelle K.
I’m thankful for...

Janacek Construction. Their tireless uncompensated efforts to ensure our Mercy co-workers have safe transportation during these rough conditions are truly a Blessing. (and at times a minor miracle!) We could never thank you enough.

Michelle K.
I’m thankful for...

I am so very thankful for my savior, Jesus Christ who gave us the amazing gift of salvation. And for my son, Logan who is my joy.
Wishing everyone a blessed day.

I’m thankful for...

My family & friends. The doctors and nurses who treat so many patients and save lives!

Judy Watkins
I’m thankful for...

my beautiful, funny, smart little girls!

Shellie Lane
I’m thankful for...

For my sister Susan who is always thinking of others.Even now with terminal cancer she is full of love & compassion.Lord please take care of her.

Donna McCabe
I’m thankful for...

Everything that God has done for me and my and all my family, for all the bblessings for me and all my family members.
God bless everyone.

Manrique valdez
I’m thankful for...

I’m thankful for the life God has blessed me with, even though it may not be going the way I want it to, it’s always been going the way God wants it to. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my love, and all of the happiness around me.

I’m thankful for...

I am thankful for being 3 years cancer free. I was diagnosed with stage 2 large cell lung cancer at 43 years old. I had a softball size tumor, 14 lymph nodes and 1/2 of my left lung removed. I have some nerve damage and chronic pain where my ribs were broken to gain access to the lung, but so far I am cancer FREE. I received wonderful care at Mercy and am thankful for all of the doctors, nurses and support staff.

I’m thankful for...

My three beautiful children and my husband along with Mercy Childrens hospital who do all they can tookeep my daughter Laila Grace healthy who was my Christmas gift three years ago this December 23. She was in the NICU here after birth in 2010. The doctors have also kept me their mother healthy and with them for another Christmas. Love my family‚ô° Merry Christmas.